Three Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles for Business

If you are using social media for business here are three ways to optimize your social media profiles to take advantage of every opportunity to market your business, help prospective clients find you online and get to know, like and trust you.

Three Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

  1. Fill in each BIO section with a short description of what you do & who you work with. Make sure to use your keywords so that people can find you via search. Space is limited and varies for each account, but try to be consistent with your message on each platform. Sprinkle in your personal interests as well so that people with similar interests can find and connect with you.

  2. Add a link to your lead magnet, this is a free and easy way to start building your email marketing list and share your knowledge with prospective clients while giving them a sneak peek at the value you can add to their business.

  3. Use consistent branding. Whether you are using branded images for your social media banners, or a background image, keep your images consistent across all platforms. This will help to build awareness and trust so people start to recognize your brand as they click on your website, google search links and your different social networks.

So now you know why it is important to take the time to fully fill out every section that is offered for each social network. Remember, this is FREE space, take advantage of the opportunity to optimize each space with your keywords and links to your marketing funnel.

The internet is loud and crowded, use your social media accounts to help your people find you online.

Now that you have your social media accounts optimized, you are ready for the next step, a plan for getting the most return on your social media investment.