What to Say on Social Media for Business

Are you a service-based business owner ready to take the plunge and start using social media to grow your business, but you’re not sure what to say? 

Here are 5 Tips for What to Say on Social Media for Business

  1. Share information to help educate your audience. Make a list of the questions you most frequently answer for clients, if clients are asking then your connections and prospects are likely to benefit from this info too. There is enough noise and self-promotion out there, help your business stand out by using social media for good, share your knowledge! 

  2. Ask questions. Maybe you are looking for information to help you make a choice about the best social media tool for your business, or you’ve been struggling with a business issue this week. Put it out there on social media, people love to share their opinion and experiences. 

  3. Inspire. Share something you’ve recently heard or read that touched you in a personal way. Chances are there is someone in your social media community that could use some inspiration today. Extend your network, add a relevant hashtag to help more people see your post.

  4. Share industry news. Share a link to trending news topics, upcoming events, announcements or new tools that your connections might benefit from. Google Trends is a great place for keeping up with trending topics.

  5. Celebrate! Did you cross a big to-do off your list, sign a new client, or book a vacation? Share it on social media. As busy solopreneurs, it’s important that we take the time to pause and celebrate the little things in business and life, and it helps people to get to know you. 

Thinking about what to say on social media can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Just pay attention as you go through your day and make it a habit to start sharing a bit of your day with your online community. 

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